Essential Oils and Natural Products

My journey with Young Living started in June 2016 when I bought a starter kit for myself as a pressie for my birthday! The reason I wanted the kit was because it had lavender and lemon in it and I wanted to make some cleaning products and I thought the diffuser and other oils would make my house smell nice.

Rewind 6 months to December 15, when our family got the biggest shock when my mam got diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery within days of finding out and then started Chemotherapy treatment. We hear about cancer all around us all the time but when it hits so close to home it gets you thinking more about why there are such high rates of cancer in the world.

I started looking on-line, mainly on pintrest to see how I can make my own natural cleaning products so we dont have to use the ones that are potentially harmful to us. The doctors told my mam that she couldnt wipe down her counter top without wearing protective gloves up to her elbow! So I started going back to basics, the way it was in my grandmothers time.....vinegar and bread soda, and I read that essential oils have huge anti-bacterial properties so I added in lavender and lemon. But of course I didnt know about the quality of an essential oil so I was just buying cheap ones from my friend.

By the way, my mam is doing fantastic now, its almost 5 years since she was diagnosed. She fought through it all and Im so proud of her.

Something happened in the months to come after I got my kit that I cant even describe!

I discovered so much about these little bottles of magic and realised they are more than just oils to make cleaning families health improved and the feeling of having these oils at hand in my home felt so empowering. I wanted to shout from the tree tops about them as I believe every single person on this planet can benefit from them in some way or another.

I would love to help you and your family if this is a lifestyle you are interested. You are the gatekeeper of your own home so it is totally up to you what you use.

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